Anderson, in this chapter, talks about the important uses of wall charts and the effectiveness they have in a class. He argues that kids have to, “see mechanics in action” which helps find and absorb patterns and use them. These wall charts give the room a “combination of spontaneity and design.”  These charts act as a visual cue, a scaffold for complex information, helps with multiple models, guide in categorizing and organizing information, show which rules count, provide easy access to examples and rules, it helps to teach students if the instructor is helping others, it anchors in crucial content and serves as a living organism. He strongly suggests to not keep all the information on there but to have the students add to it periodically throughout the year.

In I.O. C. 3-5 these authors really emphasized creating a writing environment that is engaging for students. They believe the focal point of the classroom is to display student’s products, quotes, and other displays to give them the feeling that their work could be good enough to show. The room has to be comfortable for the teacher and for the class. The whole idea is to have a community where everyone feels safe to participate in the writing process and experience. Some activities to start the writing process is having a free write, learn names, do a sentence completion and other various activities. The point is to get the class to write and to let them find themselves and be able to express themselves through writing.  They also entertain the prospects of journal use, in which they serve as a private place a student and teacher can work on their writing. In the process they can write down things that interest and inspire them. Privacy, confidentiality, and finding a method to grade the journal is key.

Mentor text of a summary,

“The third episode in this section describes an imaginative tarot reading, in which some of the cards Eliot includes in the reading are not part of an actual tarot deck.”

It tells the basic points of the story, and does a little bit of analysis.