Looking at Gallagher’s first chapter reminds me of my experiences as an adolescent writer. Writing is still something I struggle with and dread doing. It has taken me two hours to even want to write this post now. There is so much to express in writing and so much that is hard to express that it overwhelms me.  Even now I figure I still don’t know much about writing but at least I know the style that needs to be used. I have figured out structure at a college level, and have even started to express a more creative style in my creative writing class. This has all taken time to develop some sort of fluidity in my writing and that’s what the point is.

There was one class in high school in particular that emphasized writing everyday. It was a tenth grade English class. We spent the first half of each class with a writing prompt given by a student in charge. Then the students will spill there heart out about the topic. After a few minutes we shared as a class. Some of our conversations would last for at least 20 minutes, and probably could have lasted the rest of the class period. People would spill out about music, family, friends, pain, and wherever else our hearts took us. I was not much of a reader or writer unless assigned but it was a great experience. On top of having to write everyday, we got extra credit for each day that we presented. Incentive was given to spill our thoughts. I liked that and always remembered this class ever since. Although I don’t know exactly how, part of my reason to become an English minor was to have students be able to feel comfortable writing this way, and to share something in the classroom. Writing routinely is very important in the classroom and it can help with student’s writing scores later on.

Sentence stalking: “Physically strong, he bluffs his way through the camps as a tinsmith and a shoemaker, and also exploits his ability with languages.”

The “physically strong” is an opener that starts the sentence. The next comma then separates two independent clauses which are the “bluffs” and his ability to exploit “languages.”

http://books.google.com/books?id=ASajL1zsziAC&dq=subject:”Biography+%26+Autobiography”&lr= in the review section.