I am a person. A person with thoughts that I keep in short Facebook posts that cannot completely conveyed.

With that said this is what I will write about:

-First I am going to post all the funny things that happened to me as a teacher. The point is to show the absurdities of the profession. Other than mine, no names will be used to protect the innocent.

-I have been trying to write about the current state of affairs creatively. My source is the punk rock band NOFX’s 1999 song, “The Decline”. Lyrically it is probably my favorite song of all time. Every since around 2011, when I went to South Korea to teach, I have planned in my head a story based off the lyrics of the song. I have not written a single word yet. So some blog posts may be lyrics from that song with me trying to be creative with it.

-Write about the state of affairs of the United States, the world, and my life in general. The basis is to get it out there and fully flesh out thoughts I have about what is going on.

-Write about what I know. I have a myriad of interests: my wife, travel, music, sports, teaching, history, comedy, reading, craft beer, philosophy, financial fraud, politics, school, etc. Basically whatever is on my mind I want to write about it.


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